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All new players of our project receive bonus coupons that they can use for a quick start on the Victoria x100 project. Welcome!
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Explore the vast world of Victoria, full of mysteries, dangers and adventures. Dare to encounter mighty dragons, battle cursed monsters and collect ancient relics to uncover the secrets of this world. Lineage 2 offers exciting battles, stunning locations and endless possibilities for your greatness!
Victoria x100 opening ⭐️ April 5
Fresh ideas and new features designed to improve the player experience are accompanied by a well-developed economy, balanced classes, exciting sieges and daily events. We have everything to make your stay in the game world unforgettable and full of adventure. Join us today and become part of this unique gaming universe!
Unique Developments
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17.04.2024 21:36
12.04.2024 00:53
11.04.2024 09:30
The player-driven economy
Massive PVP battles
A world in which it is always interesting
Unique events

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